Why is Cebu Pacific Such a Horrible Airline?

The problem is on the top management. I strongly suggest they conduct a strategic corporate development. Only they would do so if they talk less about making money out of their customers agonies and try out something kinda new term to them like CUSTOMER SERVICE.



We’ve all heard our fair share of Cebu Pacific horror stories. I’ve experienced my own too, from a faulty website to delayed flights. But they weren’t anything that I haven’t encountered at Delta, PAL, or even Singapore Airlines.

That was until the Great Cebu Pacific Christmapocalypse of 2014. While I’m still compiling a lengthy account of that experience (complete with photos + videos of stranded children, crying women, and censorship attempts by security), I couldn’t help but take a deeper look into the company and uncover some interesting facts why it’s such a shitty airline.

I’m no expert in the airline business, but I’d like to believe I know a thing or two about how companies work. In this case, I’m looking at Cebu Pacific with the following context in mind:

  • The airline industry is a tough business. In the US, the average airfare each way is $178 and the…

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Dreaming Tall: 10 Fashion Tips for Petites!

Petite refers mainly to the height of a woman generally 5’4″ or less. So, just take it form someone who is 5’1″ in height, wears size 6 shoes, very slender and more idiosyncrasies a dainty woman have. But! With a few clever styling tricks, you can show off the look that you’re much more statuesque than you are. Here the 10 Fashion Tips for Petites!

1. Waist-It-Up!

Look for skirts that sits above your natural waist. We, petites have short legs and higher waistlines than other average-proportion women so one best way for us to deceive a beholder’s eye is to wear high-waist skirts, jeans, short, etc. On wearing these, don’t be afraid to tuck your top. Being neat is avoiding bulky outfits which give you heavier appearance and will make you look shorter. If you ever wear straight dresses, make sure to belt it up above your natural waist to give emphasis.

2. Dress in One Color

Dressing up in monotones can elongate the body and give the illusion of height. This is not restricting you to mix and match clothes but only guides you in mixing and matching. Carry one shade of color on your outfit and there you go!

3. Prints and Patterns

Stick to a pattern with simple and finer detail rather than the larger and complex ones. Avoid huge, obnoxious prints, because they might overwhelm your frame. Remember, “cute is for the cute”!

4. Be Appropriate

Wonderful accessories like bold necklaces and earrings is a “yes yes!” just choose the classy ones when possible. Also, avoid over-sized handbags that looks bigger than you and seems you could fit inside. Again, I would like to stress this out, “cute is for the cute”!

5. The Law of Verticality

Avoid horizontal stripes! C’mon, you want to look taller, not fatter! Vertical stripes can give you longer look while horizontal gives shorter and wider impressions.

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I wake up in the morning, drag myself downstairs, do my morning rituals, and always end up sitting comfortably on the yard couch with the aroma of my cup filled with coffee. LOVING the new day. DREAMING what may come tomorrow. REFLECTING what has been yesterday. 

DREAMING Dollars: The How To’s on Making Money Online

YOU’RE NOT COUNTING DOLLARS BUT ONLY STARS? Come on dude! You better dream on and find some ways on earning some cents even all you do all day is just sitting back and relaxing. Yes, you heard me right! (I mean you read it right) You can now make money even you’re sluggishly sitting facing your PC unit/laptop/tablet/smartphone… just like what you are doing now. Okay then, before I annoy you, without further a-do, here are the HOW TO’S on making money online.

Take Online Surveys

This is one of the most easiest way to earn online. there are many big brands that are eager to hear your comments about their products and would love to pay you in exchange for your valuable information. There are bunch of survey sites that acts as agents for you to be able to communicate with these companies. All you got to do is find for a legitimate one, register and there! You are ready to speak out dude! 

SELL Something Online

Turn your unwanted things into cash. Look around you, spot something unwanted or something that you wont be needing. It may be an old picture frame, bags, jeans or gifts from an EX you really hate, it could be whatever as long as you want to convert into cash! Take a picture of it, set your desired price of that object and put it online through global market place like eBay, OLX or whatever buy-and-sell site in your region. Though, I advise that you sell it within your area reach if you don’t want to be hurt of shipping cost. All-in-all this is a good way on earning online.

Write an eBook

If your mind loves to wander from the deepest seas to the widest galaxies, then this is for you! Create an eBook of your imagination, publish it then sell it on Amazon as per se. This could be very time consuming and requires a lot of idea generation and a lot more but when your book starts to sell, you might be feeling heaven on earth! (That awesome feeling when someone spends a dollar for your hard work, reads it and appreciated it) Couldn’t it be great plus plus income? Well, think about it though. Haha

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I am not really that “foodie” type of person that tries out the newest on the menu list, nor go to a newly opened restaurant and scout for their specialty. But yeah, human as I am my views can change sometimes and on a Monday morning I found my self strolling around the mall and went in to a restaurant to find something new to eat. NEW because whenever I’m at a mall, the first place for me to eat is in a pizza parlor or a fast food that can offer me a crispy chicken joy and spaghetti or a burger and fires and the list of cholesterol rich stuffs continues.

So, I found this newly opened restaurant/fast food chain branch at SM City Bacolod which offers different Cantonese food, specially dim sums. Upon entering the store, the tower of native steamers grabbed my attention with other food options beside it that is also being offered. Looking at those, my mouth began to hyper-tense and my stomach became excited. Continue Reading

What Feb Is

Hi! I’m Febe Ray but I am more comfortable by being called Feb. (Febe Ray) say it as fast as you can and be amazed how my parents did an amazing job to let it sound like my birth month! If you got it, I was born on its 28th day and if you barely got the month then I LOVE you.


I can’t really describe who I am to you all, so let me cling on these lines “I’m not extraordinary but I am unique.”

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